During Your Stay


  • All medications currently being taken, in the original container
  • All relevant x-rays / scans
  • Health fund details, pension or Veterans Affair card, Pharmaceutical entitlement card, Medicare card, WorkCover details
  • Cash or Credit Card to pay for account if required
  • A book, magazine or IPad to keep you occupied


  • Nightwear, dressing gown, non-slip footwear
  • Personal toiletries
  • Sleep apnoea patients – please bring CPAP machine with you
  • If you use a glucometer please bring it with you


  • Please leave valuables at home as the Hospital does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to
    personal property
  • Please remove any fingernail polish, make up and jewellery prior to admission
  • Cigarettes


Alcohol, non-prescription drugs and recreational drugs must NOT be brought into the Hospital. This includes medical cannabis unless prescribed by your admitting specialist. Unless precluded by health reasons, alcohol may be served with your lunch or dinner.


During your stay it is important for us to understand what matters to you.

‘What matters to you?’ is all about encouraging more meaningful conversations between people.

To help you get the best possible outcome, we need to understand the things that are really
important to you. This could be something very specific of something more general. There is no wrong answer to this question – it’s all about what matters to you.

We encourage you to share what matters to you with your healthcare professional. And although we
may not always manage to address everything that you share, it is important for you to have the conversation so that we can help you as much as possible.

This process will help to focus a patient-centred culture and provide the appropriate support systems and education for identifying goals of care to promote safe, high quality care for every patient

Patient Pre-Admission Information

Your support is invaluable to us

All support goes a long way!