Pre-Admission Form

Financial Information


We understand that health insurance and paying for hospital care can be complicated. We recommend that you ask your health fund to help you work out what is and isn’t covered.

Also ask your doctors to explain their charges and to give you an indication of how much you will get back from medicare.

Health Insurance Patients – Please check your level of cover as you may have an excess or co-payment. This amount is payable on or before admission.

Self-insured Patients – patients who are NOT covered by health insurance are required to pay the estimated total charges either before or on admission.

Patients are personally liable for their own hospital account. An estimate only can be provided prior to admission as the procedure item number may change. Payment of the anticipated fee is due before or on admission and any shortfall in the estimate, is payable on discharge. Your doctor’s rooms will liaise with Stirling Hospital in providing an estimate of the expected costs. 
*all Hospital costs for uninsured patients are payable before or on admission and are not covered by Medicare*

Medications – patients that require medication not related to their admission will be required to pay any charges on discharge.

Workers Compensation, Public Liability Insurance or Third Party Patients – please be aware that you are personally liable for payment if your account has not been approved by the insurance company

Patient Pre-Admission Form

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